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QuickCheck Test Kits
quick check water testing

Water Experiments and Demonstrations ready to go with instructions, sample bags, chemistry test strips, internet support and references.
Ideal for water utilities, civic groups, study grants, schools, teachers, students and general public.
QuickTreat Water Kits
water treatment kits

Unique pre-conditioned media treats chosen water samples with supporting water tests to show purification effects on quality. Excellent for active learning with "Hands-On" demonstrations and experiments.
Water Testing Meters and Probes
Small water testers

Handheld meters are inexpensive... battery operated... produce numeric data... easy student use. Great for demonstrations, field monitoring programs and classroom science labs.
Water Chemistry Kits
Water Chemistry kits

More accurate testing for experiments and demos. Drop Count or Color Match Comparator or Burette Titration water test kits use indicator color change to determine a wide variety of water quality concentrations.
Customize Your Demo Kits
Custom Water Kits

Combine Water Testing, Water Treatment and Water Conservation into Kits that meet your needs.

In a Rush - Give Us a Call.
Example Water Projects
example watercenter projects
Thousands of our kits have helped students study water for their Science Fair Projects and helped teachers integrate water concepts into classes from third grade through college civil engineering labs. Many have been supported by private and public Water Study Grants.
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Water Experiments Water Demonstrations







"Hands-On" Kits Water Education Activities Perfect for End Users

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"Do Something" Demonstrations
"Eyes Open" Experiments
Water Testing Kits
Water Treatment Kits
Instructions Included
Ready to Go
Promote Water Awareness
Provide Water Conservation
Real Water Data
Educational Web Support
Interactive Discovery
Help Science Education
Support Water Study Grants
Schools - Teachers - Students
Local Activities
Parks and Recreation
Civic Groups
Custom Size Kits Fit Your Program

We package your
to fit program

experiment or demo

Helpful basics of water science and technology for non-scientist users and participants.

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Compare Drinking and Bottle Water
Environmental and Outdoor Water
Aquatic Algae Growth Nutrients
Lake, Pond and River Minerals
Salt - Brackish - Estuary Water
Plant Growth Nutrients
"My son won first place in the school and county competition! He will be competing next at the regional level. You helped make it possible with your direct,courteous, caring service." Inexpensive Kits .
Fast Easy .
Simple Safe .
Cooking Vegetables in Water
Compare Juice Soda Pop and Milk
Checking Pet Drinking Water Bowl
Metal Pipe Contamination
Fertilizer Pollution
Evaluate Water Filter Performance

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Online website store focuses on water demonstrations and experiments that include "Hands-On" testing as part of the experiment.
The demo and experimental test kits and meters produce data that you can analyze, graph and report as part of the project.
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Contact Us and we will try to help.

Hands-On Experiments
and Demonstrations

Fast Easy Simple Safe Inexpensive
Educators, Teachers, Parents,and Students love our "Hands-On" Water Experiments and Demonstrations for school science projects.
Water Experiments and Demos are ready to go with the combination set of test parameters, number of tests per sample, number of samples based on replicates, student instructions, water sample bags, chemistry test strips, color concentration comparator, internet references and support.

Elementary science experiments and demos are simple and fun for young students as well as the general public. Chemistry meters and bacteria testing kits can be included if appropriate.

Safe Easy Economical Way to Test Water using Single and Combination Kits.

Our most popular
QuickCheck Water Test Kits produce actual scientific data that can be analyzed, graphed and reported. QuickCheck Kits are designed for the experimental portion of water science projects and demonstrations. Several single and combination water test kits are available.

QuickTreat Water Kits use common purification media and filtration methods to treat water samples. Before and After treatment are tested for changes in water quality. Test Water Pollution and Effects of Filtration, Carbon, Water Softener and Ion Exchange Media on Water Purification.

In addition, choose experimental and demonstration aids:
Handheld Water Testing Meters / Probes battery operated;
More advanced Water Chemistry Kits;

We are flexible. We are constantly working with customers to develop new kits. Please Contact Us for Special Order test kits.

Information & Resources

Elementary and Middle School Science

Basic Points and Information for you to consider when doing your Science Project related to Water.
  • Figure Out Your Project. One of your biggest Hurdles is choosing a good project idea. Find a topic you love and that really interests you. Once you have your topic, figure out how water relates to your topic. What questions come to mind?
school kidsscience teacher
school kids

Parents, Teachers and Educators Help

Watercenter.net helps everyone, especially students, discover that science is amazing. Just add water and the science gets a lot more interesting and fun. Please take a moment and look through our website.

For years we have been helping with water and science projects in schools with students, in classrooms with teachers and in water districts for the public. Water Experiment and Demonstration Kits for drinking water - health - cooking - food - plants - environment - water quality are ready to go.
If you need help, please Contact Us for suggestions.
science teacher
Today, our website focuses on studies that include water and chemistry testing as part of the experiment or demonstration. The test kits and meters produce data students can analyze, graph and report as part of their school project.

Several water science ideas are offered as combination kits.

Science Fair Links

Watercenter.net is growing and adding new kits.
Please, let us know what you need.

Follow the links below and check out our Site Map for details.
Please Contact Us about projects involving
drinking water - health - food - plants - environment - water quality.

Fast Easy Simple Safe Inexpensive

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Watercenter Water Test Kits

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Single and Combination Water Test Kits
Safe, Easy and Economical Way to Test Water using special test strips. Single and Combination Water Test Kits.
Water Chemistry Kits
More Advanced Wet Chemistry Test Kits using Drop Count, Color Match and Burette Titration for accurate water analyses. Portable and Lab.
 Contact us for information on Water Chemistry Kits.
Water Meters Testers and Probes
Battery Operated Water Meters, Testers, and Probes are Cost Effective Water Testing. Handheld. Portable.
 Contact us for information on Water Meters Testers and Probes.
Water Treatment Experimental Kits
Study Water Treatment Effects of Filtration, Activated Carbon, Water Softener Resin and Ion Exchange Media on Water Purification. Test the results.
 Contact us for information on Water Treatment Experimental Kits.
Custom Experiment - Demo Kits
Combine Water Testing, Water Treatment and Water Conservation into Customized Kits that meet your needs.
 Contact us for information on Custom Experiment - Demo Kits.
Example Water Projects
Compare Drinking and Bottle Water, Environmental and Outdoor Water, Aquatic Algae Growth Nutrients, Lake, Pond and River Minerals, Salt - Brackish - Estuary Water, Plant Growth Nutrients, Cooking Vegetables in Water, Washing Fruits and Vegetables, Compare Juice Soda Pop and Milk, Checking Pet Drinking Water Bowl, Metal Pipe Contamination, Fertilizer Pollution, Evaluate Water Filter Performance
 Contact us for information on Example Water Projects.

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