Water Experiments and Demonstrations
Environmental Interest Links
Amazing Stuff... what is it?
Bureau of Reclamation Home Page
FDA Prime Connection
FDA/CFSAN Introduction to Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms and Natural Toxins
Health Effects of Drinking Water Contaminants
Toxic Pollutants and the Clean Water Act: Current Issues
Our Other Sites
Regulatory Links
Chlorine Chemistry Council
City of Portland Water Bureau Index
Clean Water and Oceans
Full text Safe Drinking Water Act
Search the EPA Server
Water Quality Association Glossary of Terms
Water: Nature's Magician
Science Fair Links
Discovery Science Lesson Plans
Science printables, teacher-developed lesson plans, games, activities, worksheets and experiments designed for the classroom and home-school. Custom designed, full-color, prints right from your computer.
FirstScience.com is a premier resource for science on the web. It offers science articles in various categories, a science quiz, links, poems, news and science facts amongst others.
FP Kids - Your online resource for Kids!
Galileo's Place
Home of Galileo refractor, reflector, & catadioptric telescopes and Galileo binoculars. Galileo produces telescopes with the beginner to intermediate sky watcher in mind. Visit Galileo's place today!
National Geographic
Science Playwiths - Peter Macinnis
Information on how to plan a science fair project, some optional thoughts for advanced students about the seven types of science you may encounter when you are thinking about your project, a huge list of ideas for projects you can do, and a bit of help in approaching just a few of the ideas.
Science Education Links by ScienceIQ.com
Your online guide to snowflakes, snow crystals, and other ice phenomena
Southwestern New Mexico Regional Science and Engineering Fair
Technical Reference Links
AWWA White Paper - Water Conservation and Water Utility Programs
Chemical Exposure: Toxicology, Safety, and Risk Assessment: LC Science Tracer Bullet
Cryptosporidium parvum
Drinking Water and Well Water
WQWM - Publications on Water
Tools for Parents - Teachers - Students
AcademicStores.com offers a broad range of Adobe, Macromedia, Riverdeep academic software for colleges, universities and K-12 schools.
Distance Learning - Directory of Schools
Earn online degrees from accredited universities, colleges, academies and institutions.
Easy to use teacher's gradebook. The most feature packed grade book on the market today.
The Education CoffeeHouse
A trusted source on education issues for teachers, parents and students since 1999.
Water Fun Links
Office of Water Kid's Stuff
OGWDW - Kid's Page
U.S. EPA Explorers Club
U.S. EPA Student Center
Water Science for Schools

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